Android Wear
Watch Faces

ustwo Watch Faces


A collection of 20 brand new watch faces with a bold and energetic aesthetic that paid homage to traditional timepieces while remaining authentic to the digital platform.

In defining new possibilities, we invented exciting ways to combine calendar, fitness and weather data directly into the watch face itself. These industry-firsts paved the way for future innovation on the platform.

Bits Watch Face


In 2015 we set out to create our most ambitious watch face ever. Based on feedback from our initial work, we discovered that users wanted more control over their styles and data information on their watch faces. Our creation, Bits Watch Face, displays the absolute most information possible while ensuring readability and elegance.

We custom designed 10 different complications, giving users the option to choose 1 to 7 complications at a time. In addition to size variations, users can also tap a complication to expand it, displaying additional information. For example by tapping the weather complication you’ll be able to see current conditions and a future forecast.

ustwo Timer Watch Faces


Our work consistently demonstrates that users appreciate the immediacy and functionality of smart watches. So, we asked ourselves: What could a user achieve with only a single tap? We immediately zeroed in on the idea of timer watch faces.

A user can tap around the dial to set a timer, anywhere between 1–60 minutes depending on where they tapped. Cooking at home, tasks at work, playing sport, or just knowing when a meter expires at the car park - we’ve got you covered.

ustwo Face Maker


Beyond utility, users love to customize everything about their smartwatch. What if we switched focus to pure aesthetic personalization? The burden of choice weighs heavy on the average user so we ensured everyone started with a beautiful watch face. We created options to accommodate mood or outfit.

A first of its kind, Face Maker lives on the watch - no computers or apps required. Anyone can create beautiful, personalized watch faces on the move. Users start with one of two base designs: Classic or Trio and can personalize colors, hands numerals, and more, simply by swiping and tapping.

Looks Watch Faces


Our most recent Google collaboration was to design and build a brand new collection for the LG Watch Style and LG Watch Sport. Each design needed to compliment the aesthetics of the hardware and accommodate the radically new Android Wear 2.0 Complications API.

The final collection consisted of 9 watch faces, each with their own customizations and defaults depending on the hardware’s SKU.